Getting your pet groomed with Petsmart grooming coupons

When you go for the first time with your pet to Petsmart, to make him/her look great, you will have a few options to choose from. Take a look at this few options and choose the one that is right for your lovely pet.

The first one is the simplest one and includes a basic shampoo, blow dry, around 15 minutes brush, nail trim, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, scissoring feet and shaving pads and anal gland cleaning. It’s pretty basic but it is the most used/required one.

You can choose also for a full-service groom: a bath, brush and more with minimal scissoring or clipper work. This option is perfect if you take care of your pet more regularly, I mean for pets with coats that are regularly groomed.

Another option is “Premium Groom” and includes the full-service groom and adds extra scissoring, brushing and dematting or clipper work. You need to choose this option if your pet’s coat requires extra time and care.

The best one is an amazing process that dramatically reduces shedding. It is a premium service that includes a low-shed shampoo followed by an application of deShedding solution (you can find this only at Petsmart) plus up to 30 minutes of brushing with the FURminator tool.

PetSmart’s FURminator DeShedding Treatment

It’s good to know that the price varies depending on your pet’s size, breed and coat condition. But when the time comes for you to go with your pet to do the grooming, you can always return to this site and save money with the help of the Petsmart grooming coupons.